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Influencer Discovery

Connect with influencers, creators, vloggers and ambassadors for your business promotion.

Campaign Management

Our team will provide you with all the tools to build and execute a powerful influencer campaign that drive revenue.

Affiliate Marketing

Don’t waste time looking for brokers and organisers. Let us take care of all the details of your next yacht holiday and private/corporate event.

What is influencer marketing and why is it so important?

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful and effective ways of online marketing – a collaboration between brands and influencers.

Davide Cesaro has invested time building his personal brand identity and increased his audience and boosted trust with his followers over the years. This is what makes a content creator influential

When you choose an influencer that is related to your niche and brand image you don’t have to worry about determining and targeting the right audience. If you have a luxury brand for young professionals and millennials, partnering with Davide Cesaro will help you approach his audience who are inclined to be interested in your products or services.

By using Davide Cesaro as part of your influencer marketing you will extend your brands exposure and raise brand awareness. Your brand will increase in visibility and help you build meaningful conversations and customers.

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Sponsored Contents

Sponsored content is the most common marketing example. Davide Cesaro can endorse one of your brands products or services. The final product is a static post, Instagram Reel or video, Tik Tok video, Instagram stories or a blog post on his website featuring your product/service.

These publications will be created by Davide Cesaro and of course, aligned with your brand's guidelines and requirements.

brand ambassadorship

Davide Cesaro can work with your brand for a specific period of time and become the face of your brand. A long-term brand collaboration can drive great results as it opens more chances to showcase the versatility of your brand’s offerings.

It will keep your brand at the top of mind for Davide’s followers and the collaboration will look more authentic in his audience’s eyes. 

story telling

Davide Cesaro’s services have storytelling at their heart. Every brand has a story that embodies the brand and Davide Cesaro believes in the importance as a storyteller to deliver the message with social media and turn abstract ideas into something his audience can understand and relate to.

Want to explore other talents for your
social media marketing strategy?

Want to use the power of influencers to achieve your brand's goals? Need to explore the perfect influencer marketing strategy?
Our influencer marketing manager will research and find you the right influencers based on niche, talents and performances that will help your brand grow. Finding the right influencers and influencer marketing strategy will enable your company to reach and grow its target audience and groups in a direct and sustainable way.

Content creation

If you have a new business and want to create engaging content that speaks to your ideal customer,  we can create content packages that is tailor-made to suit your needs. DADOCESARO marketing team will take time to understand your business and its goals and produce social media contents with selected talents, that will speak to your target audience. 

Content Creation Package includes:

  • Strategy and Planning Session to get to know your niche, business and goals.
  • Develop a Social Media Content Plan and strategy for your Instagram business account. 
  • HD photos produced by Davide Cesaro or other influencer talents and DADOCESARO team with your product/services. 

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